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No bloggers

Ok, we have to admit it. We are no bloggers. This page has been updated possibly once or twice a year as you may have noticed. The frequency of posts will probably stay on that level while things are in the making. Unfortunately

No sound since summer

Its been quiet here for a while and Originalljudet havent been doing any gigs since the summer tour. Some of us have been traveling but after christmas we will all be in Stockholm. Anyway, our fokus now is the recording of a new album. We might post some samples here later on...

Pearls for pigs( & cows)

Originalljudet are giving a few concert exclusevly for cows and pigs. We play for groups of more than 8 animals and the fee is very reduced. The concert is ready for bookings now. Original farmers, feel free to contact us for more detailed info.

Computer basement versions

Soon we are about to release a very limited edition record with the raw material to become Originalljudet songs.
Most of them made with a mp3recorder and an old computer. Some of them are also recorded by Originalljudet, some never heard before. Its the cut & paste of fragments, sketches and lofi recordings, outoftune pianosamples, computermade songs with cheap software and midiversions. Listen to a few songs here:

Robert Fux and Originalljudet

"Dragfreak and Queer Queen Assoluta Robert Fux together with Originalljudet presents a no-mercy piece of performing arts. Originalljudets outsider muzak, strange instruments and odd approach combined with with latex gloves and 20 cm stilettos creates a refuge from reality. Language, rhythm, sound, costume, humor and melancholy in a twisted, frank and offensive manifesto..."

Stolen banana

Yes. Unfortunalty it was stolen at our releaseparty. The clay banana we always carry to gigs. Its the huge pink one at the picture. To the thief: Give it back please, we cant perform without it. If someone have seen it or know who took it please mail us at


Så här tar ni er till releasefesten imorgon den 31/3
How to get to the release party tomorrow 31/3

New music is made in the carpentry

The making of new music in the carpentry/studio at Hornstull.
An exclusive microconsert is taking place here this wednesday

Video from last nights performance

From last nights performance at NMFHU

Recording from the carpentry

Recorded a few days ago. A rehearsal in the carpentry without the accordionplayer. Drinking super cheap beer trying new songs and rearranging a few new and old.

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